Line Jumping

We’ve all done it or been the target of it at one time or another – cutting in line. It happens every day, but is right to put your needs ahead of others? Join us as we discuss the ethics of line jumping.

Wealth Porn

Whether it’s medieval kings or Real Housewives, we’ve been fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and famous for generations. Is it healthy to fantasize about being rich someday? Join us as we dive into the world of wealth porn.

Medical Conscious

State legislatures have passed a number of so-called religious liberty bills in recent years that allow business and individuals to refuse to perform a service on moral grounds. Now the debate has entered the medical field and not just for abortions. Join us as we discuss the ethics at the crossroads of personal morality and medical duty.


People have been fascinated with superheroes for generations, initially through comic books, and more recently from blockbuster movies. But is this a healthy obsession? Join us as we discuss the ethics of superheroes.


Recently, a picture of people waiting in line at the top of Mount Everest went viral. It’s drawn attention to some the negative aspects of tourism. This week we discuss the ethics of travel and tourism.


Everyday we hear from experts sharing all sorts of advice and information on the news. Sometimes our own experts, Kelly McBride and Art Caplan, are asked to be guests on various programs. But what makes someone an expert? Join us as we examine the credentials of experts.


Crowdfunding has become a popular way to raise money. Sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter give ordinary people a platform to fund everything from medical bills to vacations. You may have given to one of these campaigns yourself, but did you stop to think about the ethics involved? Join us!

You can read the article Kelly mentioned here.

Mandatory Vaccines

The science is clear. Vaccines work and do not cause autism. Despite mountains of evidence, some people still refuse to vaccinate themselves and their children. So, is it time to make them mandatory? Join us as we discuss the ethics of mandatory vaccines.

Job Interviews

Most people will have multiple job interviews throughout their working lives. Often times you’re ask the same handful of stereotypical questions, but is this the best way to find a new employee? Join us as we explore the ethics of interviewing potential employees.

You can read the New York Times article Kelly mentioned here.

FAA Regulation

Following a deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash, Boeing 737 Max 8 jets have been grounded worldwide. In the course of the investigation we have learned that the FAA relies on manufacturers to self-certify the safety of their aircraft. This week we ask, is that ethical? Join us!