Enemy of the People?

President Trump says that some of the major news media organizations are the "enemy of the people." We actually think this is a good opportunity for some self-reflection of the ethical variety. Journalists, we're talking to you.

The Road To Mars

The road to Mars is paved with good intentions. But is sending people to Mars the right thing for humanity to be focusing on right now? Isn't it enough that we're sending robots there to do our work for us? Aren't there problems on Earth we should tend to before allocating resources to other planets? Well, it turns out the answers to these questions aren't as simple as you'd think.

Patient Zero

Recently it was discovered that, due to a clerical error, AIDS researchers originally got it wrong when they labeled Gaëtan Dugas as patient zero in the spread of HIV across North America. It turns out that he was one of many at the time. So we decided to examine the ethics surrounding the idea of the search for a patient zero of any kind. Why is it that we always feel the need to find an origin of the things that happen to us?