Public officials often issue mandatory evacuations for things like hurricanes, but many people choose to ignore them and hunker down. This week we discuss the ethics of deciding to stay or go when confronting a natural disaster.


Benjamin Franklin once said, “there will be sleeping enough in the grave.” Sleep is often portrayed in a negative light, but is essential to our mental and physical health. This week we discuss the ethics of why society disparages sleep.


There has been a lot of talk recent weeks about flipping – also known as squealing, ratting someone out or turning state’s evidence. President Trump’s close associates have been making deals to save themselves while informing on their former friends. It happens all the time in our justice system, but is flipping ethical?

Drinking Age

The drinking age was raised from 18 to 21 in the 1980s in the hopes of reducing highway fatalities. However, most people drink underage. This week we discuss the ethics of this arbitrarily enforced law.


Most kids have to do chores. Some parents see them as character building or payment for their room and board. Others pay their children for their work. This week we discuss the ethics of this age-old tradition.


Abortion has been a controversial topic for decades and the debate was rekindled with the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice. This week we tackle the biggest ethical debate of them all.


The most volatile debate in recent months has been immigration. Who do we let in to this country and why? What kind of country do we want to be? This week we tackle the ethics of immigration policy.

Marriage Proposals

Over the top proposals are all the rage in the social media age. This can put a lot of pressure on courting couples. Our Kelly McBride says it’s time to make a change to this antiquated system. This week we discuss the ethics of this longstanding tradition.